We have chosen several mares that are proven performers as well as proven producers of Successful Race Horse and/or Barrel Horses. We take great pride in what we have to offer so far.


If there is a particular mare that interest you please email and we will be more than happy to give you all available information on that mare and her offspring. Any foal can be held at a discounted price if a deposit is received while en utero. Payment plans can be arranged until foal is weaned.  Several mares are listed for sale.


  Mare: Registration: Sire: Dam's Sire: 2017 Covering Sire:
Shirlyse Bug Has Gas APHA Shawne Bug Easy Jet Too Special Contender
Millenium Bug APHA Shawne Bug Pac A Man Special Contender
Go Money Go APHA My Indian Money Raise A Runner Cherokee Bully
Eyes On Martha APHA Martha Six Moons Olympia Joe Dash Ta Magnolia
  PC Sunny Signature AQHA
Sun Frost Highly Significant Royal Quick Dash
Lady Shawne AQHA
Shawne Bug Windy Ryon Judge Cash
The following mares are  owned by Andria Hill Mare: Registration: Sire: Dam's Sire: 2018 Covering Sire:
SS Firewater Philia APHA Fire Water Flit Sure Skippa Dash Ta Magnolia
Easy Peppy Jetta APHA Martha Six Moons Easy Jet Too

Dash Ta Magnolia


Flit Bars Gypsy Rose APHA Dr Nick Bar St Caramba

Dash Ta Magnolia

Pecos Lil APHA Judys Lineage Sky Patrol Royal Quick Dash
Reference Mares:          
SFW Twist of Frost APHA Sun Frost Wonder Sky Jet Dash Ta Magnolia
Model D Jet APHA Easy Jet Too Western Native Special Contender

Oklahome Cash Jet  

SI 93

APHA Dos Poruno Oklahoma Fuel  
Texas Seven APHA Texas Hero Treasured Leave open to breed early 2019
Chic Colord Me  (reference only) APHA Smart Chic Olena Color Me Smart Special Contender
Shake M Baby Shake M SI 87
(reference only)
APHA Royal Shakem Indians Image Dash Ta Magnolia
Reds Flashy Money
(reference only)
APHA On the Money Red Bays Cowboy N/A

 (reference only)

APHA Oklahoma Fuel Sky Bar Leo N/A